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The Jungle Book

Tadoba and Pench National Parks, India

Mother and her two cubs

When I think about India, I don't think about wildlife at first, I imagine colourful and vibrant big cities and tasteful curries

Tigers are the largest big cats, and Bengals can weigh anywhere from  100 to 220 kg. There are about 2500 of these tigers today, who can be found in different types of forests.

They spend most of their time alone, hunting for medium-sized mammals such as deer and boars early in the morning or late in the evening while resting during the day.

In the heart of India is located Pench National Park. It is one of the most popular wildlife reserves in India, and also has its mention in the famous story of 1894, ‘The Jungle Book’, penned down by the renowned English Author Rudyard Kipling.

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in Chandrapur District, Maharashtra state, borderline Madhya Pradesh.. It is Maharashtra's oldest and largest National Park. created in 1955.

Deforestation as well as poaching have caused dramatic population declines for these tigers over the last few decades.

But conservation efforts are working toward strengthening Bengal tigers’ environments and cracking down on poaching.


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