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  • Sylvie Failletaz

The early morning magic light!

Worth getting up early.

In fact, at this season in Iceland (February), the sun rises around 9.15 am, so not only for the eyes of the early birds!

Reynisfara Beach, South Iceland

The weather forecast for today is bad, as nearly every day.

I have a look through the window to confirm it while having breakfast, the light is still dim and it's snowing heavily and horizontally.

I am packing all my gear for another day of exploration of the area.

I suddenly see a breakthrough in the sky, a patch of blue and some gorgeous light coming along. I rush as fast as I can to reach the scenic spot of reynisfjara beach, hoping the light will stay a little while.

There are already quite a few buses along with many cars full of tourists all enjoying the superb scenery with this absolute perfect light.

I walk closer to the rocks and further away from the crowds, to get an unspoilt view and a better angle with the sun. I run, in fear the light condition won't last. The stretch of beach is long and it seems the rock formation are not getting any closer...

I play with the angles, hiding the sun behind the rocks, I'm enjoying every second of this moment.

But, the wind is blowing like mad and the clouds are moving at a swift pace, rushing to play seek and hide with the sun.

15 minutes later, it's snowing again, the beautiful light is gone and the dull, and bleak have taken over again. Welcome to Iceland!


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