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  • Sylvie Failletaz

The mythical Kalahari desert.

A harsh environment for animals.

Camping is to me the best option to visit the Kalahari, being close to nature, listening to the sounds of the wildlife and the elements.

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a national park shared between South Africa and Botswana.

Kgalagadi means "the land of thirst". The park is located largely in the Kalahari Desert. The terrain consists of red dunes, with sparse vegetation cover. Linear dunes were formed 6,000 to 14,000 years ago, driven by very strong winds.

The Nossob River serves as the border between South Africa and Botswana. The beds of the Nossob and Auob rivers are dry. These rivers are said to flow only once a century. However, the water flows underground and allows some acacias to grow in the riverbed.

The park is home to large predators such as black Kalahari lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas. There are also jackals.

All feed on herds of large herbivores present as wildebeest (including blue wildebeest), oryx, springbok (or euchorus), eland, bubale ... live there too. Many small mammals including the meerkat, the ground squirrel and many others abound in the park.


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