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  • Sylvie Failletaz

Iceland in winter…really? why?

I like the warmth and sunshiny days, therefore the North hasn't been on my trip list since many years, I prefer Africa, the Middle East, even the mid-summer scorching heat of Central Asia.

Nevertheless, I kept in a corner of my head a special souvenir of an Icelandic trip in May in 2006. What an amazing place, I felt like in a postcard every single day.

My greatest souvenir is the famous "Diamond Beach" where icebergs land on stunning black sand creating a rather surreal atmosphere.

There were young girls in swim suits and handsome bare chest vikings freezing their nipples taking part of a glamorous advert shooting for expensive clothing gear.

The weather that day wasn't great, well, it's Iceland you know, and you have to deal with the elements even in summer. I didn't have time to stay more than one day in the area at that particular time, but I promised myself that I had to come back and capture this very scenic place.

13 years later, I'm going back: flight ticket in the pocket for 10 days in the bleak mid-winter! I have to be honest, since I bought my ticket, I wonder why I did it!!! The lack of light in Switzerland is already affecting me, I feel like going somewhere nice and warm.... But no, I'm committed and probably should be!

Getting in the mood, I will watch "Trapped" or "Fortitude", winter thriller series set in Iceland and Svalbard.

Thriller TV serie shot in Iceland


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