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  • Sylvie Failletaz

Cape Cross Seal Colony

Atlantic Coast, Namibia.

The Cape Fur Seal or African Fur Seal is the largest of all the fur seal varieties. Its stocky, strong body is covered with a velvety dark grey or brown fur, for which it is often brutally hunted.

The Cape Fur Seal has a wide head that is relatively large with small, external ear flaps and a pointed snout. The mane of the male is darker while the belly is quite light. Females do not have a mane and are, generally, lighter in colour, although the back and belly are darker.

They do look gentle and cuddly, but they are very loud, quite agressive to each other and they stink like hell, be afraid!

The main predator threatening the Cape Fur Seal is the mighty Great White Shark, which favours it for its high blubber content. Orcas are also known for hunting these seals. When on the shore, jackals and hyenas have been known to snatch the seals and their pups.


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